It's one thing to use renewable power (which we do) but it's even more important is to use less power.

PuE is a ratio that describes how efficiently a data center uses energy; specifically, how much energy is used by the computing equipment, in contrast to cooling and other overhead that supports that equipment. At one time it was thought that Google's PuE of 1.21 was as close to perfect as possible. But with advancements in energy-efficient cooling technology and through robust data center design, our latest hosting facility in East London is in a world-leading class of its own with a Power usage Efficiency (PuE) of 1.05.

While the average datacenter today consumes half as much power to keep servers cool and the lights on, in East London we consume just 5% more power to accomplish the same thing. There's a lot that goes into good data center design to make this possible.

It starts with using the latest hyper-efficient technology available, such as EcoCooling's CloudCooler units, which combine free air cooling with evapourative cooling. On cold days, we can simply use the outside air to chill the servers. On hot days (yes even those 40C+ days) we pass the warm outside air over water-saturated pads, chilling it in the process. This is infinitely more environmentally friendly than traditional air-conditioning chillers, with no nasty refrigerants needed, whilst still being 100% ASHRAE 9.9 compliant (read: mission critical reliability). The water used to chill the air is almost entirely recycled requiring only very occasional top ups, so zero concerns when it comes to being conscious about water scarcity.

Within the data halls, cold-aisle containment is used, with Ziehl Abegg high-efficiency fans channelling the cool air directly into contained aisles for the servers to draw in and expell hot air from the other side. This compares to a data center which has no containment (i.e. a constant battle to re-chill hot air) or hot-aisle containment, which although more energy-efficient than no containment at all, means that a much larger volume of air has to be chilled.

Energy efficiency aside, the entire windowless facility has industry-leading physical security, with 2.4m high razor wire perimeter fences, door access control, motion detection, 24/7 CCTV and on-site human presence.

The motion detectors fitted throughout are not only there for security, but in another nod to energy-efficiency, also mean that the lights only need to be on if someone is actually in the room.

Everything is entirely redundant, with diverse mains power feeds, diverse fibre networking supplies, N+1 diverse uniterruptible power systems and diesel generators with 8 hour day tanks, 48 hour on-site additional supply and a 24x7 continuous fuel arrangement.


  • Powered by 100% Renewable Energy (sourced directly on the wholesale market)
  • Dual dedicated 1.5MVA grid-fed power supplies via diverse A+B feeds
  • N+1 diesel generators with 8 hour day tanks
  • 48 hour on-site diesel supply with 24x7 refuelling contracts and continuous fuel arrangement
  • N+N and N+1 UPS system options with minimum 10 minute autonomy
  • Generator systems are subject to bi-weekly start up test and monthly service visits
  • Power feeds are fully conditioned for surge suppression
  • Server racks are powered by both diverse feeds
  • World-leading Power usage Effectiveness (PuE) of 1.05
  • Planned: On-Site Solar Generation


  • N+N meshed Cisco 40/100GigE network
  • Fully IPv4 and IPv6 enabled
  • Dual fibre entry through dedicated private ducts and 100Gbps network capacity
  • Diverse dark fibre connectivity to London
  • Further network POPs located in Equinix LD8 and Telehouse North datacentres
  • Dual network drops to each rack with no single point of failure
  • A blend of premium network providers including NTT, Level3, Virgin Media, TalkTalk & Cogent
  • LINX Peering with 200+ Members including AT&T, BBC, BT, Cable & Wireless, Google, Telstra, Yahoo & More!


  • Super-efficient N+1 CREC EcoCooling units
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant free and ASHRAE 9.9 compliant/li>
  • Designed capacity PuE of 1.05
  • Fully enclosed, super-efficient cold aisle containment systems
  • Ziehl Abegg EC high efficiency supply and exhaust fans
  • Redundant HVAC control systems
  • N+1 dedicated HVAC UPS systems
  • 'Free Cooling' chillers to utilise outside air to cool the datacentre whenever possible
  • High efficiency evaporative chiller infrastructure
  • Quarterly service visits with checks of CRAC units, chillers, pumps & pipework

Security & Fire Suppression

  • Audited to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Standards
  • Anti-intruder 2.4M high perimeter fencing with razor wire anti-climb and anti-park systems
  • Multi-level pin code and RFID systems
  • Computer Controlled Motion Detections
  • Full HD building wide CCTV system with 90 day recording retention
  • 24x7 On Site Human Presence
  • Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus Protection (VESA)

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