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SSL Website Security Certificates. Full 256bit Data Encryption - Up to $1.75M Warranty - Globally trusted Comodo brand

Comodo Positive SSL

£54.99 PER YEAR

  • Blogs and personal websites
  • Validates domain ownership
  • $10k USD Warranty
  • Issued in less than 10 Mins


£94.99 PER YEAR

  • Businesses and organisations
  • Domain & basic org validation
  • $250k USD Warranty
  • Dynamic Site Seal
  • Issued in 5-7 Days


£165.99 PER YEAR

  • E-commerce websites
  • Domain & extensive org validation
  • High-assurance green address bar
  • $1.75 Million USD Warranty
  • Dynamic Site Seal
  • Daily Website Vulnerability Scan
  • Issued in 5-7 Days




When you compare Comodo Positive SSL vs. Let’s Encrypt SSL, Comodo comes ahead on all factors except cost. The only area in which Let’s Encrypt comes up ahead is that it’s completely free. However, the cost of a Comodo Positive SSL certificate is negligible and it offers a number of benefits including warranty and customer support that can prove to be useful down the line. However, the final decision is yours.


Boost SEO

Google gives preference to secure websites that run using an SSL certificate. In addition to securing your data, an SSL certificate should therefore also improve your search engine ranking.

Take Online Payments

An SSL certificate will allow you to securely take online payments on your own website without diverting to a third-party gateway such as PayPal. Your visitors will be able to submit their card details secure in the knowledge that their information is in safe hands.

Secure Customer Data

If you ask your visitors for personal data, such as email addresses, contact information or login details, an SSL certificate will ensure that data is fully encrypted during transmission and prevent other parties gaining access.

Customer Confidence

Give your customers the confidence to shop from your website with an SSL certificate. Careful shoppers always look for the padlock located before the URL, so make sure you get yours today!


SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is an encryption layer that encodes information that is exchanged between a client and a server, protecting the transmission of sensitive and private data. An SSL certificate allows you to apply SSL encryption technology to your site, so that information traveling to and from it is encrypted. SSL certificates are expected by consumers for any site that handles sensitive information like identity information, credit card numbers, or confidential records.

If your site sends or receives sensitive information, customers expect it to be secured with an SSL certificate. Many will leave your site if they see that it is not secured. Furthermore, Google now rank sites that use an SSL certificate higher than sites that do not, so having an SSL certificate on your site can boost your search engine ranking.

WildCard support means that your SSL certificate can support an unlimited number of subdomains at no extra cost. For instance, you may wish to secure,, - this is only possible when wildcard support is selected. Wildcard support is available on our Basic and Deluxe certificates, it is currently not possible on an EV SSL certificate.

By default the certificate will support one domain, and will function both with and without the "www.". If you need a certificate for more than one domain, you can add more domains using the form above.

Unfortunately not. For simplicity, we have grouped the SSL offerings into just 3 basic types, and provided configuration options to add multiple domains and wildcard functionality. The reality is that if you add wildcard functionality or multiple domains, the SSL we issue you with will be a specific SSL that supports either wildcard functionality, multiple domains, or a combination of these features. If you don't choose wildcard functionality or multiple domains from the outset, you will not be able to 'add' these in later without ordering a new certificate. If you have specified more than one domain name initially and need to increase the number of domains you require in future, this is however possible. Adding more domains at a later stage requires the certificate to be 're-issued' and 're-installed' and for this reason we would also recommend that you include the approximate number of domains you anticipate needing to secure over the lifetime of the certificate.

Whilst no longer required, dedicated IPs are recommended for full compatibility with older browsers. Our pricing includes the cost of a dedicated IP address (normally £3/mo), if you'd like this added to your account, please request this via our helpdesk once you have placed your SSL order.

If you're installing the certificate onto a Hostme 365 business hosting account, once you've purchased the SSL certificate on our website you can do so using our "Auto Install SSL" feature in cPanel. Installing the SSL is fully automated. You may need to tweak some settings on your website to ensure that it is properly installed - however if you need any help with getting the SSL installed, we're on hand 24/7 to assist.

An SSL certificate is a file installed on the web server that a website is running on. This file is composed of two segments. The first is the public key, which encrypts data. The second is the private key, which decrypts data. When a client, such as a web browser, connects to an SSL secured server a unique session is created using these two keys. All data transmitted during this session is protected, and cannot be decrypted by any party other than that specific client and the server.

Low assurance certificates encrypt the connection. Higher validation certificates perform the same encryption, and add peace of mind for your visitors by showing them that the certificate authority has validated your site as belonging to a legitimate business. They are proven to increase conversion rates and are a must-have for e-commerce websites.

The green address bar gives an intuitive visual cue that your business is legitimate. The green bar is only available with Extended Validation (EV) certificates. In contrast, major web browsers have integrated anti-phishing protection so that known phishing sites will display a red address bar. Studies have shown a strong, positive impact for businesses that use EV certificates.

To find out what SSL certificate you use, visitors simply click the lock icon in their browser's address box. A new window pops up with information about your certificate.

Our Basic SSL certificate is compatible with 99.3% of all browsers, and the vast majority of mobile browsers, and the Deluxe and Premium EV certificates are compatible with 99.9% of all browsers and have a higher mobile device compatibility rate. The vast majority of customers should have few issues connecting to any of the certificate options.

Once you purchase a certificate, we can't upgrade it - a new certificate would need to be purchased. However, if you need a more secure certificate immediately, you can purchase it and install it on the same web server as the old certificate. If you don't need the more secure certificate immediately, you can wait until your current certificate expires and install a more secure one at that time.

Yes, you can use the certificate with any other provider.

CSR stands Certificate Signing Request. A CSR is a special key generated by a web server using that server's unique private key. The CSR is sent to the certificate issuer, which generates the final certificate.

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Whenever I have a question or concern, they have been available to provide prompt and patient answers. The cost is extremely competitive. I'm a very satisfied client!

I've been with Hostme 365 for almost a year now and any concerns I have had, have been answered and dealt with quickly and satisfactory. Highly recommended!

Hostme 365 is a fantastic hosting company. Customer service is great in dealing with any concerns I may have. Moving my business onto Hostme 365 was an excellent and a wise move. Keep up the brilliant work.